Amiga Informatics 

Technology is changing the face of transportation and Amiga Informatics is partnering with the companies to leverage the evolution of the systems and services. This is to enable the enhanced operations and services as well. As transportation industry has been expanded amazingly, then how we can leave this industry from out staffing solutions. We are committed to bring IT professionals who are well experienced and having deep knowledge of the space and transportation companies who are looking for their future on a single largest and trusted e-platform.

Amiga Informatics allows transportation companies to minimize their company cost, optimize their service levels and create flexible business process automation within global transportation and logistics network by getting our outstanding staffing services. We have a team of IT professionals who are dedicated to do hard work in providing the enhanced transportation staffing services. In nutshell, Amiga is one of the largest and fastest growing staffing solutions that provide a real and genuine e-platform for candidates to get the right companies and organizations to get the suitable candidates in the transportation industry.