About Us

Amiga Informatics founded in 2011, a global IT  Staffing , Solution and Support company with enormous workforce serving clients across the globe. Its been a successful six years of growth with the regular increase of companions in our tail of success. The serving potential lead the formation and successful existence of Amiga with outstanding expertise. Have been explored from India and expand to USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai.

Initiated with a small team and now grown up with an experienced and outstanding team of professionals. Bestowed with energetic professionals with a combination of industry-wide experience and deep technology expertise. We harness latest technologies for delivering business capability to our clients. This helps Amiga’s to leverage best business to their customers. We conspire to stay in pace with the fast evolving software development capabilities to offer custom-build client specific requirements. We maintain the high business standards with professional maintainability services.

Amiga prioritizes quality assurance and client satisfaction to retain the brand trust. Served industries like Hospitality, Manufacturing, chemical, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Real estate, Education, logistic, shipping and many more.

Why We Are Better

“Our mission to maintain the consistent business growth encourages us to work with innovation.”

Amiga Informatics, founded with a revolutionary spirit of leading the way of IT business. We are on the mission of becoming Worlds’ most respected IT Staffing service and solution brand. To do this, we emphasize the support for our employees so that employees can support the best to customers.

We are committed to provide the best computing and marketing experience around the world through our integral innovative offerings. Our strategy of working will let you to continue business with us & increase your capability of business…

Our philosophy towards work follows :

  • To enable economic growth through our support and development services.
  • To provide best quality service value to maintain the long-lasting customer relationships.
  • To provide a high level customer satisfaction.

“Our vision to be a dynamic IT organization by discovering the productive and innovative work-force.”

We believe on the collaboration of teamwork, which let us to innovate in a unique way. We pledge to retain the excellance of innovation by remaining self-honest towards our work and retain our brand value through our quality service.

We believe to build a productive business through a viable IT transformation process. This help our customers to have exceptional business growth.

Our vision is to have a significant niche at our competitive environment, which let us to simulate within the infrastructure. As we believe on the change of innovation, so we srtive to lead the competition.

We accept the challenges and conspire to develop customer-centric and handy products. We will help you to have your business life ongoing forever.

We work with the vision of “New Future with New Variation”.

Values drive success…

Value is the essence of our company’s identity. It leads to take action on a right path in a disciplined manner and helps to have a way of working in collaboration within our team and business partners. Our focus on success remains intact through – Consistency, Agility, Passion, and Integrity.


  • Steady to serve clients with complete Satisfaction
  • Always set to maintain the long-lasting relationship with clients
  • Support with reliability and efficiency


  • Front-runners to retain the competition
  • Ability to be decisive with quick response
  • Strive for agile collaboration


  • Value the spark of passion for innovation
  • Promote and protect the reputation
  • Leads to develop a niche in business


  • Act with integrity
  • Show respect to individuals for their experiences and ideas
  • Leads to be fair and ethical at every situation

These business values maintain the accountability of our organization. It had generated our company’s culture where ideas can blossom with innovation to achieve the goal of healthy business. Hence we work with agile passion for consistent integrity at our environment.


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